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Ray and I went to our first Grateful Dead concert in Buffalo, New York in September, 1981. I was 3 months pregnant with our first child, Sally. That was the start of a long, and sometimes strange, trip following the group around with our family in our converted school bus, with eventually 2 more children, our daughter Justine and our son Skyler.

Years earlier while studying Fine Art at the U. of Guelph, I'd taken a course in tie dye, silkscreen and batik in the Textiles institute there. It was cosmic, I was ready to start dying again.

Terrapin Tie Dye was eventually founded in 1991, followed by it's sister company Terrapin Graphics in 2005. The name is an homage to a song and album by the Grateful Dead, Terrapin Station. We have also christened our farmhouse in the Lanark Highlands as Terrapin Station. (We've named the pond Lake Winnipesaukee - who knows that reference?)

The Procion MX dyes, along with sodium carbonate, urea, ludigol and synthrapol soap, come from either G&S Dyes in Toronto or Grateful Dyes in Boulder, Colorado.

Cotton shirts are a variety. Jerico and Fruit of the Loom are manufactured in Canada but the big boys prefer the Gildan in the larger sizes, made in the U.S.A. I am now branching out into designer labels at the insistence of my kids, now all in their 20's. I have some American Apparel samples and am looking into a Candian Company, Alternative Apparel.

Cotton long underwear is from good ol' Stanfield's in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Cotton baby clothes are manufactured in Quebec by Baby's Own.

Hemp products are not manufactured in Canada. Canadians get to grow it, but then they have to ship it to China where it's loomed and sewn into products that are then shipped back to Canada. Spirit Stream, right here in Hamilton, oversees the design and production to ensure that no sweatshops are used to produce The Barefoot Hempster line of clothing. That's the best we can do!

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